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A village is a small group of houses. Due to the location of a village in a limited area, everyone living in the village knows everyone. If any information is published in the village, it becomes known instantly by word of mouth. At any moment in the village, one helps the other with the work. The word global means the world." Global Village means World Village.

Global Village is a technology-driven world where all nations of the world enjoy the benefits of a village. Villages exist in every part of the world. A city consists of several villages; a district or region consists of several cities; and a country consists of several districts and regions.

Again, the collective geographical location of numerous countries is considered the world. Today, the world has become smaller due to the benefits of technology. In the larger context, the world is a village. In other words, the world is a single family.

Global Village, or Global Village," is generally a concept where people from different parts of the world are connected with each other through easy travel, travel media, and electronic communication and become a single community. Due to the widespread use and influence of different types of media, especially the World Wide Web, people in one part of the world can easily communicate with people in another part of the world.

This exchange of information has brought the world so close that it now appears as a village. For example, a person residing in the USA can now communicate instantly online with a person residing in Australia. Some electronic media, including telephones, televisions, computers, and the Internet, bridge the distance gap in this case.
global village
global village
Global Village or Global Village Nowadays, people from one side of the world have become dependent on people from the other side. In today's world, we are basically living in a global village. The global village has a wide influence on communication, employment, education, medical research, office accommodation, commerce, news, entertainment, social interaction, and the exchange of cultural material.

Canadian philosopher and author Herbert Marshall McLuhan was the first to popularize the termVishwagram," or Global Village. He revealed this through his books The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man, published in 1962, and Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964.

In the second book, McLuhan describes how the world is becoming a village due to electronic technology and the rapid movement of information. His insight was groundbreaking at the time when he called the Global Village an electronic nervous system and described the planet Earth that it would soon encompass. 

Massive development in various fields through information and communication technology has now brought people from all corners of the world closer to each other.

Definition of "global village"?

Yourdictionary.com The definition of a global village is the idea that people are connected by easy travel, mass media, and electronic communications and have become a single community. Global Village is a concept where people are interconnected and become a single community by means of easy-to-use mass electronic communication.

According to Macmillan, the dictionary is becoming a global village. In the modern world, all countries depend on each other and seem to be closer together because of modern communications and transport systems. A modern world where all countries are interdependent and seem very close to modern communication and transportation systems.
global village
global village
According to the Oxford American Dictionary, a "global village" is "the world considered a single community linked by telecommunications. In light of the above definitions, it can be said that the global village is an environment dependent on information and communication technology where all the people of the world, despite being located in distant places, have the opportunity to live in a single society and provide services to each other.

In other words, a "global village" is a concept where the entire world is considered a village through electronic communication.

What are the advantages of a global village?

  • Contact anyone anywhere in the world in an instant.
  • Distance is not perceived. geographical distance is reduced.
  • Reduced management costs.
  • One can read books from any library online and take education from the world's renowned educational institutions at home.
  • Learn about the customs of various nations.
  • Business can be done at home by buying and selling products.
  • With the telemedicine system, medical services are available from world-renowned doctors sitting anywhere in the world.
  • With the launch of Internet TV and Internet radio, entertainment can be enjoyed at home.
  • You can earn money from home by outsourcing over the Internet. As a result, economic development occurs.

What are the disadvantages of the Global Village?

  • Internet hacking steals information and exposes its privacy.
  • The dissemination of false information can lead to chaos.
  • People can read something and accept it as true without checking its sources.
  • Spending more time on the net can increase the number of virtual friends compared to real friends.
  • This can increase isolation between people.
  • Theft of bank and financial institution information Debit and credit card fraud can occur.
  •  Social degradation caused by pornography.
  • A cyberattack takes place.
  • Easy cultural exchange can lead to the extinction of a country's own culture.
  • Physical problems are caused by the overuse of technology.
  • increase in unemployment.

What are the elements of establishing a global village?

The main components of the global village are:
  •  Hardware
  • Software
  • Internet connectivity
  • Data
  • Human knowledge or capacity (capacity)


The first thing that is required for any type of communication and data exchange in the Global Village is the appropriate hardware. The term "hardware here refers to computers and related equipment, mobile phones, audio-video recorders, satellite radios, televisions, and other information and communication technology-related devices.


The importance of software in establishing the Global Village is immense. The software includes a variety of operating systems, browsing software, communication software, and programming languages.

Internet connectivity

The backbone of Bishwagram is Internet connectivity to securely share resources through which various data and information reach users. Secure data sharing is the foundation of Vishwagram. In this case, telecommunications broadcasting and an Internet connection are provided.


Data are facts or items that are randomly scattered. In Global Village, various types of information are obtained from data processed by computers. Global Village data and information can be shared by people as needed with each other for free or for money.

Human knowledge or capacity (capacity)

One of the elements of a world gram is the user's knowledge or ability. Vishwagram is mainly IT-dependent, so its benefit depends on people's awareness and ability.

What are the main elements of the global village idea?

Many elements are closely related to the idea of a world gram. The main components are mentioned below:
  • Communication
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Research
  • Entertainment and social communication
  • Cultural exchange
  • The Office
  • Residence
  • Trade in business
  • The news
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